Why our customers continue to choose
Elecom Group Embedded Solutions

Elecom Group makes it possible The three facets of Japanese Quality

We at the Elecom Group have an impressive record with customized boards, flash storage, and peripheral devices for personal computers. Through our interrelationships with group members, both foreign and domestic, we are able to provide high quality solutions, from individual products and software right up to entire systems to take care of your embedded issues.

  • Inquiry
  • Specifications proposal
  • Prototype
  • Verification
  • After-sales support
  • Japanese Quality: Facet 1
  • Japanese Quality: Facet 2
  • Japanese Quality: Facet 3
Japanese Quality: Facet 1
SmoothJapanese Quality: Facet 1 Smooth

Our group can offer you a one-stop shop

For example, even if you initially come to us with an inquiry about boards, we are also able to help you with memory and storage solutions to suit the product or system requirements. We work in a situation where members from different companies in the group are together on the same floor, constantly interacting with each other, and this enables us to get a better overall perspective of parts, such as boards, that have different quality standards, and provide the parts in an optimal set, thereby allowing us to guarantee their quality. By making your inquiries all at once, you remove the trouble of getting all the individual components together to build your product, which contributes to reducing the number of processes you have to go through and to improvements in quality.

Japanese Quality: Facet 2 CertaintyJapanese Quality: Facet 2 Certainty

Testing and evaluation by technicians from all parts of the group

Performing the testing and evaluation at our own facilities enables us to take full responsibility as a manufacturer. Our testing apparatuses have the requisite durability, dust free, and splash-proof properties required to allow us to respond effectively to the requirements of customers who need to use our products in special environments. Furthermore, technicians from the different group companies are located in various bases, and they also perform testing and evaluation so that we get a better overall perspective during the checks, which in turn allows us to improve the quality as a set.

Japanese Quality: Facet 3 Peace of mindJapanese Quality: Facet 3 Peace of mind

We are there to provide replacements and support when problems occur after installation

We can provide required parts, and also the option of replacements where required. We have the structures in place to ensure that parts are available over the long term, enabling us to respond rapidly when you need replacements or repairs. Our Field Application Engineers (FAE) are also there ready to respond, taking responsibility for installation and implementation, as well as post-installation support. Support is provided while we keep our links open throughout the group.

Examples of implementation

Centralized control of energy saving systems
Reducing power costs
  • Are you facing these issues?
  • ・Want to avoid paying too much for electricity to run air-conditioning and plant.
  • ・Want to use renewable energy but unsure how.
  • ・The plant in the facilities are running at different times, which creates unnecessary work and wastes energy.
    Unable to tell when energy is being consumed.
Improve clarity of images from monitoring cameras to enhance security
Make it possible to detect empty parking spaces
  • Are you facing these issues?
  • ・Images from the monitoring cameras are poor at night, when there is reflection, and during poor weather, creating problems with crime prevention.
  • ・Want to be able to simultaneously prevent crime and detect empty spaces in our car parks.
  • ・Want to be able to use the images from our monitoring cameras for marketing purposes.

Display alerts using existing networks
Assemble a system to prevent disasters

  • Are you facing these issues?
  • ・Want to assemble a system to prevent disaster, but initial costs are prohibitive.
  • ・Want to have alarms displayed on computers and mobile devices that are used all the time.
Making it possible to use live remote diagnosis for people in areas without medical facilities.
  • Are you facing these issues?
  • ・Want to get away from analog administration and stop the waiting room from becoming too busy.
  • ・Want to automate time consuming reception and appointment tasks.
  • ・Want to remotely view operations and treatment remotely to assist with research and further education
  • ・Want to be able to provide examination services to doctor-less villages.
Digitizing signs in stations, airports, and shopping centers
Exploiting data about visitors in marketing exercises
  • Are you facing these issues?
  • ・Want to digitize the displays in the station or airport.
  • ・Want to show news and other information.
  • ・Want to get information about the people passing through the station and exploit in marketing.
  • ・Want to display information suitable to the characteristics of the people in the station.
Designed and supported by us in Japan
Implement efficiencies in production line control
  • Are you facing these issues?
  • ・Want to make the control of the production line more efficient.
  • ・The specifications of the controllers change too much and make it hard to keep up.
  • ・The conditions in our factory are special, so generic products can't do the job.
  • ・Worried about breakdowns if low-quality parts are used.
Here you will find Embedded Solutions, the result of we four companies of the Elecom Group working together, bringing together our unique technologies and know-how.

The definitive choice for highly reliable custom
computers for industry and business
- Logitec INA Solutions

  • ・We have established a centralized structure that provides the best custom computers for each customer's requirements
  • ・Ready to test and verify products for durability, dust-proofness, and splash proofness
  • ・Our kitting service gets our products ready to use for your application
  • ・Our parts configuration plan and cell production system allows us to provide high-quality products quickly
From industrial CPUs to designs for computer housing
Providing high-level solutions to your needs
- Japan Data Systems
  • ・Motherboards, expansion boards, and housing all designed in-house. After sales support also provided
  • ・Full commitment to elimination of defects in the market. All units double checked in Japan
  • ・Able to provide required parts, and also the option of replacements where required. Ready to provide a stable, long term supply
  • ・The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our computer housing is 1 piece. Able to supply small, customized lots
  • ・Synergy of the group enables us to include products from other group companies
Providing the memory storage products for industry
that have the requisite quality and reliability
- Hagiwara Solutions
  • ・Long-term stability achieved through technological capabilities built up over many years
  • ・Firmware developed by us which means rapid responses to requests for customizing and service
  • ・Development of circuit design on boards done by us to ensure stable operation of the controller chips
  • ・Reliability testing on all products means higher reliability, stability, and durability
  • ・Production in affiliated factories in Japan (certified ISO9001/ISO14001) means stable quality
  • ・Sales and Technical Support Team provides technological support starting from the development phase
The product development technology and experience we have gained over the last 30 years enables us to respond effectively and rapidly to your various needs
- Elecom
  • ・Top share globally in a number of categories, including energy saving and security systems
  • ・Complete management system using a Supply Chain Management system, enabling rapid provision of products
From the general user right up to the high-end industrial user. The Elecom Group has the technology and know-how to provide a wide range of solutions to the needs of all kinds of customers