ELECOM wired keyboard with trackball
Designated driver utility

Last update:2021.09.10
Version Ver.1.3.0
File name ELECOM Trackball Keyboard Driver
File Size Approximately 1.74MB
Compatible model/OS For use with Windows OS equipped with USB interface and pre-installed with Windows 10, 8.1 or 7.
Relevant Product Model Numbers TK-TB01UMBK


This is the ELECOM wired keyboard with trackball designated driver utility.

Modification history

10/09/2021 Ver.1.3.0
  • Updated the link for the English manual.

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17/05/2021 Ver.1.2.0
  • The error that occurs when a specific key is assigned has been fixed.
07/01/2020 Ver.1.1.0
  • The typing error was fixed.
04/10/2019 Ver.1.0.0
  • Default setting

How to install

  • *Please follow the steps below with an administrator authorized user account.
  • 1. Download "ELECOM Trackball Keyboard Driver Vxxx (.zip)". (xxx changes every time.)
  • 2. Double click "ELECOM Trackball Keyboard Driver Vxxx (.zip)" to unzip.
  • 3. Open the unzipped “ELECOM_Trackball_Keyboard_Driver_Vxxx” and double click on “ELECOM_Trackball_Keyboard_Driver_Vxxx(.exe)”.
  • 4. Follow the instructions on the wizard and complete the installation, and then restart your computer.

For the driver setting, please refer to the Driver Setting Guide for TK-TB01UM.

You will need to change the setting to Japanese (JIS) layout keyboard if it is not recognized as a Japanese (JIS) keyboard when connected. Please see the Keyboard settings guide of how to change the hardware keyboard settings for Windows/macOS.

Cautions, restrictions, etc.

If you are not logged on as Administrator when installing the driver, you may be asked to enter an administrator account password.

In this case, please ask the computer’s administrator for help.


Be sure to read the software license agreement carefully before downloading the file.

You are assumed to have agreed to these terms should you download the file.

* No technical support is provided for this software outside of Japan. Technical support is only provided in Japanese.