News Release
Issue date: Nov. 13, 2015

Hi-Res overhead headphones and headsets featuring liquid crystal polymer film diaphragms that reproduce sound with some serious presence

ELECOM CO., LTD. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan; President: Junji Hada) is launching, in the middle of November, a new line of overhead headphones and headsets, the ‘EHP-R/OH2000 series’, both equipped with a large diameter dynamic driver and a Japanese-made liquid crystal polymer (LCP) film diaphragm.

Hi-Res audio far exceeds the fidelity found in compact discs and is a file format that reproduces the finest details in a piece of audio. Now we are introducing high end overhead models, the ‘EHP-R/OH2000 series’, which reproduce this Hi-Res audio in excellent performance.

Featuring a large 43 mm diameter driver, the new model is able to fully deliver a dynamic range of sound from the low to the high. A high rigidity LCP film made in Japan is used for the diaphragm of the driver, successfully reducing excess vibrations and improving the fidelity of signal reproduction while improving robustness and reducing weight at the same time. The round housings are designed to diffuse sound field within the chamber to every direction, achieving efficient sound propagation. Equipped with these high performance features, the new products are able to offer life-like atmosphere and dynamic and yet delicate sound with high resolution.

In terms of details, the cables are composed of silver-plated oxygen-free high purity copper wires that enable reproduction of clearer treble with reduced signal degradation. Further, the ground wire inside the cable of each side is split into two independent wires, which makes a total of four, successfully reducing static noise as well as electromagnetic noise while increasing the acoustic effect between the right and the left.

In terms of usability, the ear pads provide a comfortable fit for long hours of use without making you feel tired, thanks to the low-resilient cushioning material wrapped with soft protein leather which doesn’t get stuffy or sticky. Also these oval-shaped ear pads are designed to leave a sealed space around the ears, improving the quality of the bass reproduction. The inner strip of the headband is made of durable and highly rigid stainless steel, which provides higher lateral pressure and therefore stays fit on your head without getting loose, resulting in an improved listening environment. The new model has a 1.2 m long single cable coming out of the left housing that hangs a little forward along the facial line, staying out of your way and tangle-free. The housings can be folded inwardly towards the headband, being reduced to a compact shape for great portability.

The new lineup includes headphones compatible with audio players with a stereo mini plug and headsets compatible with smartphones with a 4-conductor mini plug. The built-in microphone of the headset lets you have telephone conversations as well. It is also equipped with a remote control switch for pick-up call/end call/play music/pause music. Both models are available in standard black.

Model No. On-sale date Countries and regions where the product conforms to regulations *Except the packaging
EHP-R/OH2000ABK Mid Nov. 2015 South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan