NTTdocomo LTE 「Xi(クロッシー)」エリア対応 エレコムのプリペイドSIM

Can be used immediately after purchasing
This card is recommended to users such as:

Foreign tourists who have come to Japan to stay for a limited period; those who want to avoid roaming costs by using a prepaid SIM card; and those who want to make temporary use of data communication with a smartphone or tablet device!This innovative SIM card can be used with your devices for all manner of apps and online activities.

Safe, Secure and Comfortable

The LTE network of NTT DOCOMO, which is the largest mobile phone operator in Japan, provides ultra high-speed connection across the country.

  • 人口カバー率100%
  • 下り最大150Mbps

This SIM card enables access to NTT DOCOMO’s LTE network, which provides a high-speed data communication service as fast as optical communication in the coverage area. The downlink is up to 150 Mbps and the uplink is up to 50 Mbps. By using DOCOMO’s FOMA(R) network, which has a 100 per cent population coverage, the card can be used anywhere in Japan.

* Xi (crossy) and FOMA are registered trademarks of NTT DOCOMO, INC.
*1 Population coverage is an index of service area coverage calculated by NTT DOCOMO based on the percentage of town halls in Japan's municipalities that lie within the service area. Some areas, such as mountain regions, are not covered by the service.
*2 The communication speed is the maximum rate of the communication standard. As ELECOM’S LTE service is a “best-effort” service, the speed is the theoretical maximum rate and not guaranteed.

What can I do with a 500MB SIM card?

  • WEB
  • GoogleMAP
  • YouTube
  • MAIL
  • twitter
  • Facebook
  • LINE
  •  free call apps

You can access the Internet via a browser, check your emails, use Google Maps and make voice calls with free call applications.
With the high-speed LTE network, you can play streaming videos on YouTube smoothly.
Using tethering, you can also access the Internet on a PC via your smartphone.

  • You can obtain information on your destinations from Google Maps and the Internet, post updates on your Facebook page and download apps smoothly via the ultra high-speed LTE network.
  • You can also use free call applications without problems. With a rate of at least 100 kbps, you can talk on the phone and experience a similar tone quality to normal mobile phones.
  • This SIM card can be used with mobile devices and tablet PCs to provide access to the network indoor or outdoor as long as you are in the service area.
Data communication volume With 500MB
WEB Display the Yahoo! Mobile front page 300KB approx. 1,750 times
MAIL Send/receive a text message of around 300 letters 5KB approx.102,400 messages
YouTube View videos on a smartphone 2MB/min. approx. 250 min.
Twitter Reload after a tweet of 140 double-byte letters with the official app 91KB approx. 140 times
IP PHONE Make a call on Skype for three minutes 1.7MB/3 min. approx. 14.5 hours
MAP Repeat zooming out and then zooming in on Google Maps for five times 3.5MB approx. 1,750 times

* The data size varies depending on the time of the day you browse, images to be displayed and other conditions. In particular, the communication volume may substantially differ between videos. * The data size also varies depending on the place where the device is used. In addition, the communication volume depends on the type of data communication device and the usage environment. * Tethering is available on devices such as Nexus4, Nexus5 and Nexus7.

Use it straight after buying, with three easy steps.

①Purchase a product.
② Insert the card into a smartphone
③You can start using the phone immediately thanks to its simple settings.

You just have to insert the SIM card into a smartphone after purchase. No troublesome procedures, such as activation, registration by phone or downloading of dedicated software, are required. No additional fee is charged, either. So, you can easily start using the high-quality mobile communication service of NTT DOCOMO.

By configuring the settings below, you can use this prepaid card (500MB) for 10 days.

How to set up the SIM card for Android devices

① Go to the “Mobile network settings” screen.

* In most Android devices, from the “Settings” menu, tap “Wireless and networks” and then “Mobile network settings” to go to the screen. For details, see your device's manual.

②Tap “Access point names.”
③From the “Menu,” select “New APN.”
④Enter the necessary information as written on the package:
User name: lte@ncnct
entication type: CHAP or PAP

PIN and PIN lock disable code
● The SIM card has two PIN codes, the PIN1 code and PIN2 code. The PIN1 code and PIN2 code are both set to “0000” as the default value, and you can optionally change them to a new four- to eight-digit PIN code. For how to change or use the PIN code, see your device's user manual.
● If a wrong PIN1 code or PIN2 code is entered three times in a row, PIN lock will be automatically activated.
● When you use the prepaid SIM, you are recommended to leave the default PIN code unchanged without activating the PIN lock.

* When you change the PIN1 code or PIN2 code, make a note of the new code so that you do not to forget it.

⑤ Tap the “Menu” and select “Save.”
⑥ Select the appropriate radio button, and complete the settings.

Supported frequencies

2100Mhz Band1/800Mhz Band19
2100Mhz Band/800Mhz Band6

Precautions for use

Handling of the SIM card

■ Keep the package paperboard with necessary information in a safe place.
■ Be careful not to hold the SIM card more strongly than necessary.
■ As the SIM card is a rental from ELECOM, do not break or damage it.
■ Keep the metal terminal clean when in use.
■ Wear gloves when removing the SIM card to ensure that you do not touch the metal terminal directly.
■ If you have touched the metal terminal directly, clean it with a dry soft cloth before using the card.
■ Use dry soft cloth to clean the card.
■ Make sure that the smartphone's power is off when inserting or removing the SIM card.
■ Use the SIM card only for the devices with the “GITEKI” mark.
■ Fee has to be paid for the reissue of the SIM card due to loss or damage.
■ Make sure to keep a copy of the information you have registered in the SIM card. Please note that ELECOM is not responsible for any loss of the registered information.
■ Please note that the specifications and functions of the SIM card are subject to change without notice.
■ Return the SIM card to ELECOM when you terminate the rental.
■ Keep the SIM card away from extremely high or low temperatures.

Safety instructions

■ Do not disassemble or modify the SIM card, as it may cause loss of data and/or failure.
■ Do not drop or shock the SIM card, as it may cause failure.
■ When a child uses the SIM card, parental guidance is required. Parents should also pay attention to ensure that the card is used as instructed. Otherwise, it may cause injury.
■ Keep the card out of the reach of babies, as it may be accidentally ingested, or cause injury.
■ Do not put the SIM card in microwaves or other cooking devices or high-pressure vessels, as it may cause melting, heat generation, smoking, loss of data and/or failure.
■ Keep the card away from heat, moisture and dusty areas, as it may cause failure.

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Start selling the prepaid SIM card.

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*Whether or not Elecom will sell this product in Japan is yet to be decided.