Main product areas and market share

Alacrity and expansive product lineups that meet clients' diverse needs

ELECOM excels at developing products tailored to the times, has proprietary expertise in showfloor proposals and inventory control built up through our sales channels, and excels at expanding into new markets. We have succeeded in growing over the years by bringing products meeting demand and trends quickly to market. We carry approximately 17,000 items, and revamp or replace all of these on a 3-4 year cycle. In addition, we have the expertise to ensure that planning, development, procurement and sales of all these products moves forward smoothly.

BtoC growth strategy

On-trend designs and first-in-class procurement abilities

The core concept behind ELECOM product development is creativity and speed. We identify product issues in the market and develop solutions and refinements, while also actively engaging in new product development. Another of our core missions is finding ways to keep product costs down while making procurement faster, and we have partnering vendors (product suppliers) throughout Japan, China, and the ASEAN region, who help us manufacture hit products that are beloved within and without Japan.

ELECOM becomes widely associated with design

The ELECOM group sells a variety of high design products. Their excellent design has netted them a range of awards that include the Good Design Award, a reputation recognized by many of our users.
*The iF Design Award is the world's most prestigious design award, founded in 1953. This award is conferred each year on industrial products the world over as a prestigious award coming out of Europe, the birthplace of industrial design.

Supporting new standards and shoring up development capabilities

We focus on emerging trends and specifications in the industry, such as USB Type-C and Wi-Fi 6 technology, to revamp our lineup in a timely fashion. Above all, we emphasize alacrity in the product development process, with our sales and procurement divisions working closely together to bring products rapidly to market. The ELECOM group will continue developing new products that not only meet users' needs, but forecast upcoming demand.

Ongoing advances into the e-commerce space

We are ramping up our overseas e-commerce business, such as through Amazon points of sale in Europe and the Americas. We are also promoting the development of products for e-commerce. Separately from our existing product line, which emphasized products for brick-and-mortar stores, we are developing new products that simplify packaging and reduce costs while placing an emphasis on product performance and design.

Procuring products for which there is high demand in society

ELECOM is a fabless manufacturer with no in-house manufacturing facilities. We work with partner plants and vendors to comprehensively select the best products that take into account quality, cost, and supply. We also use a proprietary management system to aggregate order, inventory, and logistics data in one place and deliver in-demand products in a timely fashion.

Development of ELECOM shops

The ELECOM Group operates ELECOM Design Shops in various major cities around Japan, including the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Chubu region, and the Kansai region. These shops carry a wide lineup of products that include everything from specialized business items to casual, everyday goods.

Changes in business expansion and scope

A look at how ELECOM's business areas have changed over the years to support a wide range of infrastructure

ELECOM has grown over the years as a provider of computer equipment. Since its founding in 1986, the ELECOM group has pursued good products that add convenience and comfort to people's lives, and it has deftly evolved to the changing times through its expansive lineup of computer, smartphone, and tablet peripherals and accessories.

Focusing on the growth potential of the BtoB market

In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 have been attracting attention as new growth areas. The ELECOM Group is committed to meeting the needs of these sectors, which include industrial equipment and infrastructure underpinning society. By partnering with companies in our group that excel in the BtoB field, we are transforming a range of contexts by bringing added convenience and comfort. In addition to our existing lineup of digital equipment and computer accessories, we will be providing a wealth of solutions to new sectors as diverse as BtoB, healthcare, medicine, as well as everything from IT for everyday life on through to societal infrastructure.

BtoB growth strategy

Leveraging expertise developed in the BtoC segment in solving customer problems to help the BtoB segment

Businesses range from large to small, but we are committed to fully accommodating customer requests and needs in all scenarios. We are focused on proposing product- and service-based solutions by fully understanding customers' current conditions and the challenges they face. These are comprehensive proposals that encompass everything from large-scale system deployments to the installation of wiring and other peripherals.

Adapting to the GIGA School concept

The GIGA School concept is ushering in major changes in the post-2020 era. For children living in the age of Society 5.0, computers are a must-have item that hold their own alongside pencils and notebooks. This concept aims for each schoolchild to have access to a computer and a high-speed, high-capacity telecommunications network. To that end, ELECOM is offering a wide range of items that seek to solve issues associated with the implementation of that idea.

Shoring up the surveillance camera business

We have a network of installers nationwide, letting us respond to customers' requests politely and with alacrity. After listening to the client's request, we consider the optimal equipment configuration, and our dedicated staff consult with them regarding surveillance camera equipment and complex network setups to propose a total network architecture that incorporates proper security and network design.

Initiatives tailored to social changes such as remote work

As part of the recent work-style reforms and BCP measures, society is calling for ways of working that are not bound by time or place, such as through remote work, remote classes, and telemedicine. ELECOM proposes a variety of solutions, from reducing security risks associated with taking equipment off premises to the essential items needed for telecommuting.

Advancing into the IoT space

There is growing focus on use of IT in factories, medicine, and societal infrastructure, and ELECOM leverages its advanced sensing and IoT technologies to offer packaged solutions for various contexts that are geared at pursuing work-style reforms, employee safety, and improved quality.

Evolving tablet solutions

We offer tablets ideal for use in harsh environments such as construction, public works, logistics and sales, manufacturing, and medicine and welfare. They offer outstanding impact, splash, and dust resistance, and are tailored to customer requirements, ranging from existing system environments to the latest ones. We also develop solutions catering to on-site needs, such as tablet-based, paperless solutions for inspections and report creation.