ELECOM Mouse Assistant (for Mac)

Last update:2021.03.10
Version Ver.
File name
File Size Approximately 41.5MB
Compatible model/OS The supported OSs for the "Mouse Assistant" are consistent with the mouse.
Please refer to the package of the product for the supported OS.
* Exclusive for Intel Mac. Power PC devices are not supported.


“ELECOM Mouse Assistant for Mac” is software specifically for the above ELECOM mice.
Installing this software will enable the following functions

  • Assign function assignments to mouse buttons/tilt wheel
  • Ability to automatically switch function assignments
  • Flying scroll
  • Gesture function
  • Presentation mode function

Revision history

  • The Help guide has been updated.
  • Fixed a typo in the Presentation mode.
  • Fixed the issues that the "Go to next slide" and "Go to previous slide" functions did not work properly in the presentation mode.
  • Fixed an issue that the Mouse Assistant did not read the Bluetooth connection of 'TK-DCP03BK'.

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  • You can now change the keyboard key names displayed on Mouse Assistant to match the keyboard layout. Go to [Utility menu], and [Choose keyboard layout] then you can select a layout from three types of keyboard layouts: JIS, ANSI, and ISO.
  • Fixed a typo of the Presentation mode.
  • macOS BigSur(11.0) is now supported.
  • Fixed an issue that mouse images are not displayed on some models.
  • Fixed an issue that the arbitrary key assignment was not applied in the gesture function.
  • Partially changed the expressions in English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.
  • Added support for M-CCP1BB series.
  • Added support for M-TM10DB series.
  • Added support for M-TM10BB series.
  • Added support for Presentation mode function.
  • Fixed an issue with the screen update for each settings.
  • Fixed issues on the function assignment failure, and operation unstability for macOS Catalina 10.15.
  • Added a ‘tab key’ to arbitrary keys, and the arbitrary keys list when you use the gesture function.
  • macOS Catalina(10.15) is now supported.
  • Added support for M-MT1DRS, M-MT2DRS series.
  • Added support for M-RT1DRS series.
  • Added support for M-MT1BRS, M-MT2BRS series.
  • Added support for M-RT1BRS series.
  • Fixed an issue of Back/Forward function that occurs on some models.
  • Added support for M-KN3DRS series.
  • Fixed an issue with a failure of setting profiles function.
  • Added support for M-A-BL08DBS series.
  • Added support for M-TP10UB , M-TP10UBS , M-TP20UB , M-TP20UBS , M-TP10DB , M-TP10DBS , M-TP20DB , M-TP20DBS , M-TP10BB , M-TP10BBS , M-TP20BB , M-TP20BBS series.
  • Enable to switch the displayed languages in the setting screen.
  • Added support for M-BL28UB series.
  • macOS Mojave(10.14) is now supported.
  • Added support for M-Y9UB series.
  • Added support for M-DY13DB series.
  • Added support for M-FBL01DBXS series.
  • Added support for M-BT21BB series.
  • Fixed an issue for assigning the gesture operation that some models are not able to register after the button 6.
  • Fixed an issue with some of the gesture operation that the touch pad does not work on PC.
  • Added support for M-XPT1MR series.
  • Added support for M-G01UR series.
  • Added support for M-DC01MB series.
  • Added support for M-DWx01DB series.
  • Assignment failures of continuous key-input operations to tilt wheel have been fixed.
  • Added support for M-DPT1MR series.
  • Fixed an issue with the gesture assignment for the six button mouses and after.
  • Fixed an issue with the mouse pointer shake gesture.
  • Korean, Simplified-Chinese and Traditional-Chinese are supported.
  • M-ED01DB and M-NK01DBS series are supported.
  • Fixed an issue with the switching operation at the time of mission control.
  • Fixed an issue with the gesture operation at the time of mission control.
  • Fixed an issue with the gesture operation in multi-monitor set-ups.
  • Fixed the version notation of Quick Look.
  • Fixed the problem that the touch pad of the main unit does not work after volume down, up, or mute is executed.
  • Added support for M-KN2DLS series.
  • M-HT1URBK, M-HT1DRBK, M-FBG3DB series, and M-FPG3DBS series are now supported.
  • Added support for M-KS1DBS series.
  • Start-up failure of Mouse Assistant for M-BL21DB and M-BL21DBS series have been fixed.
  • Improved a issue with the key input when (“control + ↑,”control + ↓”) is assigned to an arbitrary key on OS X 10.12 and after.
  • TK-DCP03BK is now supported.
  • False recognition of some models has been fixed.
  • Fix the problem of continuous rise of PC memory usage at the startup of MOUSE ASSISTANT.
  • M-LS15UL, M-LS15DL, M-LS16UL and M-LS16DL are now supported.
  • macOS Sierra (10.12) is now supported.
  • * When the OS version is upgraded to macOS Sierra (10.12) from OS X 10.11 or before, the Mouse Assistant needs to be reinstalled.
  • Recognition failures of M-BL25UBS series have been fixed.
  • M-DT1URBK, M-DT1DRBK, M-DT2URBK and M-DT2DRBK series are now supported.
  • M-BL26UBC and M-BL26DBC series are now supported.
  • M-XT2URBK, M-XT2DRBK, M-XT3URBK, M-XT3DRBK and M-XT4DRBK series are now supported.
  • Now supports OS X 10.11
  • *If the OS version has been updated to OS X 10.11 from OS X 10.10 or below, Mouse Assistant should be reinstalled.
  • Now supports M-BL24UBS,M-BT15BBS,M-BT16BBS,M-XGS10UB, M-XGS10DB, M-XGS10BB, M-XGM10UB, M-XGM10DB, M-XGM10BB,
  • M-XGL10UB, M-XGL10DB, M-XGL10BB, M-XGS20DL, M-XGM20DL, and M-XGL20DL series.
  • Added support for M-BL25UBS series.
  • Added support for M-WK01DB series.
  • Added support for M-A-BL03DB series.
  • Improved the compatibility with M-BL22DB series.
  • Improved the operability of [Expose desk top] and [Expose all window] on OS X 10.7 and ater.
  • Improved a issue with the key input when “[ (left square bracket)” is assigned to an arbitrary key.
  • Added support for M-KN1DB series
  • Added support for M-BL23DB series.
  • Improved the operability of [Expose desk top] and [Expose all window] on OS X 10.7 and ater.
  • Added support for M-XT1URBK and M-XT1DRBK.
  • Added support for M-LS12UL, M-LS13UL, M-BL22DB, M-XG4BB, M-XG4DB, and M-XG4UB series.
  • Added shortcut keys including a “shift key” to function assignment of tilting to right and left.
  • Added functions such as volume control, sound mute, zoom in, and zoom out.
  • Added functions to switch between to display and to hide mouse gestures.
Ver. 4.000.000
  • Added support for M-LS11DL series.
  • Newly supports M-XG1UB, M-XG1DB, M-XG1BB, M-XG2UB, M-XG2DB, M-XG2BB.
  • This is the first release.

How to install

1) Download the file named 'mouse_driver_maxxxxxxx(.zip)'. (The xxxxxxx part will change from time to time)

2) Double-click on the downloaded file 'mouse_driver_maxxxxxxx(.zip)' and extract the file.

3) Double-click on the extracted file 'mouse_driver_maxxxxxx(.dmg)'.

4) Follow the instruction of the wizard and complete the install, and then restart your computer.

Cautions, restrictions, etc.

(1) If you are not logged on as Administrator when installing the driver, you may be asked to enter an Administrator account password. In this case, please ask the computer’s administrator for help.

(2) The devices equipped with M1 chips might be required to install "Rosetta 2". In this case, please install "Rosetta 2" according to the instructions.

(3) The devices equipped with PowerPC are not supported.


Be sure to read the software license agreement carefully before downloading the file. Downloading the file assumes that you agree to this agreement.

Languages Mouse Assistant Manual (PDF format)
English Download Please click here (PDF format) to see the instruction manual for the ELECOM Mouse Assistant. 
简体中文 下载 请点击此处(PDF 格式)查看 ELECOM Mouse Assistant 的使用说明书。
繁體中文 下載 按一下這裡,以查看 ELECOM Mouse Assistant 的使用手冊(PDF 格式)。
한국어 다운로드 ELECOM Mouse Assistant의 사용 설명서를 보려면 여기(PDF 형식)를 클릭하십시오.

* "ELECOM Mouse Assistant for Macintosh" has ended OS support before "macOS El Capitan (10.11)".
* If you are using an OS earlier than "macOS El Capitan (10.11)", please use this older version (